Mask Associated Dry Eye

While face masks are not compulsory for the majority of people in the UK anymore there are still a lot of people who either have to wear them due to their occupation or because they want to keep safe in…

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Love Your Eyes This Valentines Day

With the NHS reporting that over 2 million people in the UK are living with sight loss, it’s more important than ever that we make sure that we take care of our eyes. This Valentine’s day why not pledge to…

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What Is Gaze-Evoked Tinnitus & Can You Treat It?

With it being Tinnitus week we thought there was no better time to raise awareness of gaze-evoked tinnitus (GET). To begin with, we will briefly discuss what tinnitus is and the different categorisations and then we will move on to…

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What Does an Eye Test Show?

An eye test can be a very straightforward way to check if anything has changed with your vision abilities and your eye health. If you haven’t been for an eye test before, or you’re due to visit your optician soon,…

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Improve Your Eye Health: Foods for Sight

Everybody is concerned about losing their eyesight or their eyesight deteriorating, with the majority of adults believing that this is an inevitable part of growing old. But some may be wondering, are there any ways I can improve my eyesight…

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Multifocal contact lenses

What Are Multifocal Contact Lenses?

Multifocal contact lenses have been designed to offer a more convenient option to seeing clearly at various distances. Although they do often require a slight adjustment period, those who opt for multifocal contact lenses reap the benefits of no longer…

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