Mask Associated Dry Eye

While face masks are not compulsory for the majority of people in the UK anymore there are still a lot of people who either have to wear them due to their occupation or because they want to keep safe in crowded environments.

If you wear glasses you will know of the issues surrounding face coverings and the fogging of your lenses. Just like those who wear glasses, people are now experiencing something called mask associated dry eye.

What Is Mask Associated Dry Eye

Mask associated dry eye, or M.A.D.E as it is now known, is caused when the air that you exhale escape through the top of your facemask and flows across your eyes. This constant stream of warm air that is constantly being blown upwards can cause your tears to evaporate resulting in dry eyes.

Top Tips For Preventing Mask Associated Dry Eye

Below we share some of our top tips to help prevent dry eyes whilst you are wearing your mask.

Buy A Mask That Fits

This is probably the most simple yet most effective solution to the problem. When buying your face mask ensure that it has adjustable ear loops and also a metal piece that goes across the bridge of the nose. By adjusting the ear loops you can ensure that the mask fits nice and snug to your face. Also to ensure a nice fit around the upper cheeks make sure to pinch the metal nosepiece so that it mirrors the bridge of the nose. By making these simple adjustments you can prevent the majority of warm air from escaping upwards towards your face.

Avoid Dry Or Windy Environments

If your eyes are already feeling dry you should limit your time in dry or windy environments such as an air-conditioned office or windy weather which is likely to dry your eyes out quicker.

Eye Drops Are Your Friend

Eye drops are a fantastic way to soothe and rehydrate your eyes. If you are suffering from M.A.S.K you can try to give your eyes some extra protection by using daily eye drops. Just remember to make sure your hands are thoroughly cleaned before administering them.

Apply A Warm Compress

If you have a few spare minutes you can try dampening a cloth with warm water and placing it on your face, making sure to cover both your eyelids. The warm water can stimulate your tear glands into producing additional liquid/oils used to naturally lubricate your eyes.

Speak To Your Optician About NuLids.

If you are struggling with dry eyes and keeping the condition at bay book a dry eye appointment at one of our local, independent London clinics. Camden Opticians offers a revolutionary NuLids dry eye treatment. NuLids cleans bacteria and desiccated skin from the eyelid margin, de-capping and opening the meibomian glands. The massage breaks up stagnant meibum in the glands improving circulation and restoring your eyes to their previous healthy state