Hearing Care London

Hearing Care Centre London

Your hearing is just as important as your sight which is why here at Camden Contact Lens Centre we also offer free hearing health checks for all our clients in the hearing care centre.

Our comprehensive hearing tests cover several areas including a hearing screening and we will check for a number of different issues with your hearing. As with eye tests, having a regular hearing test is a good way of making sure that any issues with your hearing are picked up on as soon as possible and resolved.

Hearing Care Centre Specialists

Our hearing care appointments are carried out by fully qualified Audiologists who are all Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers. They will be happy to explain the tests that they are doing and what they are looking for. Once the tests are complete they will discuss the results with you and if any of the results cause any concerns you will be invited back for a full 90-minute hearing consultation to investigate further.

Our Audiologists are also qualified in Micro-Suction ear wax removal having undergone specialist training and as part of our hearing care centre package, we also offer ear wax removal consultations.

If you have any concerns about your hearing our professional helpful staff will be happy to discuss this with you are part of a consultation, and then discuss with you any possible solutions or treatments that they feel might be appropriate for your individual circumstances. Get in contact with our hearing care centre today to book your hearing test or ear wax removal consultation.

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