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An eye test can be incredibly important in noticing any changes in your vision or identifying any problems with your eye health. Rest assured that our advanced eye test provides a highly accurate assessment of your vision, allowing us to provide the very best in eye care.

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NHS Funded Eye Test


UK residents are eligible for NHS funded eye tests

Check if you meet the criteria.

Do I Meet The Criteria?

How it works

Camden Opticians do not provide a home service and only perform eye tests in the clinic

Step 1

Book Your Test

Simply click the ‘Request An Appointment Button’ below and fill out the contact form or call 020 7383 3838 to see an Optician.

Step 2

See Your Optician

During your appointment your expert Optician will perform a variety of tests using the latest technology. They will check your eye health as well as looking for other non eye related health conditions too such as diabetes

Step 3

We Offer A Same Day Service

After your tests your Optician will talk through your results and explain what they mean. If required you can order your new glasses or take home your contact lenses the very same day.


Do you qualify for an NHS funded sight eye test?

UK residents are eligible for an NHS-funded eye test if they meet certain criteria. Find out who qualifies or doesn’t qualify using the information below.

Scottish residents aged between 16 and 60 can have an NHS-funded eye examination every two years, if required. This provision only applies to eye examinations conducted in Scotland. In the Isle of Man, eye tests are free to anyone on the IOM NHS.

You’re entitled to a free NHS sight test if you:

  • are under 16
  • are 16, 17 or 18 and in full-time education
  • are 60 or over
  • are registered as partially sighted or blind
  • have been diagnosed with diabetes or glaucoma
  • are 40 or over and your mother, father, sibling or child has been diagnosed with glaucoma
  • have been advised by an eye doctor (ophthalmologist) that you’re at risk of glaucoma
  • are a prisoner on leave from prison
  • are eligible for an NHS complex lens voucher – your optician can advise you about your entitlement

You’re also entitled if you or your partner – including civil partner – receive, or you’re under the age of 20 and the dependant of someone receiving:

  • Income Support
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Universal Credit and meet the criteria


If you’re entitled to or named on:

  • a valid NHS tax credit exemption certificate (if you do not have a certificate, you can show your award notice), you qualify if you get Child Tax Credits, Working Tax Credits with a disability element (or both), and have income for tax credit purposes of £15,276 or less
  • a valid NHS certificate for full help with health costs (HC2)


People named on an NHS certificate for partial help with health costs (HC3) may also get help with the cost of a private sight test.

Unfortunately, if you only receive the following, you are not entitled to a free NHS-funded eye test

  • Child Benefit
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Incapacity Benefit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Maternity Benefit
  • Contribution-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance
  • Tax Credit without an NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit on its own

NHS staff are not automatically entitled to this NHS-funded eye test either.

Unsure on whether or not you qualify? If so call Call 020 7383 3838 or visit your local clinic to speak to one of our friendly members of staff who will answer any questions you have

About the Camden Opticians eye exam

From the moment you walk through the doors and are greeted by reception to being seen by one of our friendly, expert opticians, you will receive nothing less than a first-class service at Camden Opticians.

Striving for excellence, we go that little bit extra to make sure our customers receive the very best. Our hundreds of customer 5-star reviews are a testament to our dedication and care. Being London’s number one independent eye care specialists, all our clinics are fitted with the latest state of the art equipment. We take the time to get to know each and every customer which means our consultations are used to understand your lifestyle and your individual needs so we can better provide you with a bespoke service.

If you would like to book an appointment with us simply fill out the form located at the top of this page or call 020 7383 3838.

What to expect when you visit us

Eye tests usually last around 30 minutes, during which time we’ll check your vision to see if any correction is needed through wearing glasses or contact lenses. We can also check your eyes for signs of any eye conditions, such as cataracts or glaucoma.

We usually test your vision using an eye chart, where you will wear different strengths of lenses and be required to read out letters. You may also be asked to look into a machine through two lenses and focus on an image. This can help to determine how well your eyes can focus.

Some tests require shining a light into your eyes, which is often needed to examine your retina and look at the back of your eye. It might be a little blinding at first, but it passes quickly and doesn’t affect your vision afterwards.


Checking your health

An eye examination lets us determine how healthy your eyes are, but your eyes can also give away early signs of other health conditions such as:

– Diabetes

– Cancers of blood, tissue or skin

– Heart disease

– High blood pressure

– Thyroid disease

– Vascular disease

– Much more…

We can offer free NHS sight tests to children under 16, or those under 18 and in full-time education, as well as anyone over the age of 60.

About Us

Camden Contact Lens Centre

Our story began over 30 years ago when the doors of Camden Contact Lens Centre first opened in 1985. Situated in the heart of North-West London, Camden Contact Lens Centre quickly earnt a reputation as an independent optician dedicated to providing professional advice and unparalleled eye care solutions to patients across the world.

Our loyal customers have grown up with us over the years and cite our highly qualified team of experienced professionals as one of the main reasons they continue to visit us and recommend us to friends and family.

Miltons Eyecare

Based in the heart of Hampstead village you will find Miltons Eyecare, an independent practice with almost 40 years of experience. Milton’s was founded by Edwin Milton Levey, a renowned South African optometrist in 1978.

The practice caters for all aspects of optometry and specialises in advanced contact lens care including Keratoconus and Ortho-Keratology. The Practice also has expertise in aviation and paediatric optometry.

Our Clinics

Camden Contact Lens Centre

32-36 Camden High Street,
Camden, London, NW1 0JH

Miltons Eyecare

38 Heath Street,
Hampstead, London, NW3 6TE

Why our customers love us?

Karen Brown

Karen Brown

Truly the best in London. They have maintained a consistently excellent level of customer service over their many years of looking after my eyes! Always going that extra mile to create a wonderful experience. Highly

2 years ago
Rosie C

Rosie C

Absolutely fantastic, utterly professional yet truly warm and friendly. I have visited the audiologists a few times, and I don't think there is a better place to go in London.

2 years ago
Christopher Swan

Christopher Swan

Highly recommend, Stephen was very knowledgeable about products. Wide range of frames and brands. I will buy again in future.

2 years ago
Cath Roopra

Cath Roopra

I’ve been going to this opticians for over 20 years (even though I’ve now moved out of London). Great staff who know their stuff. Would recommend

2 years ago
Wendy Collington

Wendy Collington

Absolutely Fabulous!@!@! I am not easily impressed and have visited this store upon a few occasions now. Each time we have visited we have received expert advice and information.

3 years ago


Bruno is a wizard! His knowledge is all embracing and he'll work incredibly hard to make sure he finds exactly the right lens that will work for you.

3 years ago
Shivam Agarwal

Shivam Agarwal

Great experience. Bruno told me what was wrong with the contacts I was wearing, he gave me a new lens after doing some tests..the best lens my eyes have touched

3 years ago
Susan Heslop

Susan Heslop

Cannot recommend this opticians enough. First class customer service and really professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

6 years ago