Contact Lens Solutions & Eye Drops

When opting to wear contact lenses your eye health and care routine is really important. This is to maintain safe and hygienic contact lens wear throughout the day or night. For the safe handling and care of your contact lenses we recommend using solutions and drops. If you are wearing contact lenses which are dirty or unkept you will be putting your eye health at risk.

Our team at Camden Opticians have all the relevant knowledge and understanding of contact lenses to provide you the right solutions and eye drops to pair with your choice of contact lenses.

Below is a list of some of the solutions and eye drops our team recommend to daily contact lens wearers.

Biotrue Multipurpose Solution for Soft Contact Lenses

The Biotrue Multipurpose Solution has been designed for used with soft contact lenses. It will condition, clean, remove protein, disinfect, rinse, and maintain your soft contact lenses. The solution will work to rehydrate the lenses to ensure comfortable daily wear. Meaning you can go about your day feeling comfortable wearing your contact lenses, avoiding dryness and irritation.

Renu Multipurpose Contact Lens Solution for Soft Contact Lenses

Renu have designed this multipurpose solution to gently clean, rinse, disinfect and store your soft contact lenses. The Renu solution also contains Hydranate – this special ingredient works to remove protein deposits. It has been proven to help fight germs and clean your contact lenses for comfortable daily use. The Renu solution is compatible with all soft contact lenses. This is a great solution, recommended by our team, for contact lens wearers.

Boston Solution for Hard Lenses

The Boston Solution for hard lenses can be used within conjunction with their conditioning treatment. This cleaner is designed to sufficiently clean your hard lenses, whilst improving the wear by enhancing the comfort of the lens by loosening and removing any accumulated film and debris. We recommend using the Boston cleansing solution as step one and then moving onto the conditioner to complete your care routine for hard lenses.

Boston Conditioner for Hard Contact Lenses

The Boston Conditioning solution can be used to rinse, soak, and disinfect your RGP and hard contact lenses. It helps to reduce the number of deposits and impurities building up onto the lenses, whilst also reducing irritation to the eyes. You can soak your lenses in this conditioning solution for at least 4 hours, however, we recommend doing this overnight before wearing your lenses again the next day.

Clinitas Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops

Clinitas Soothe lubricant eye drops provide a gentle, preservative free option for daily eye drops. These eye drops are ideal for contact lens wearers and those who deal with regular dye eye and irritation. The re-sealable droppers also make these really easy to use. If you are concerned about dry eye or any irritation you are suffering as a result of wearing your contact lenses, please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help you find the perfect solution.

Clinitas Multi Eye Eye Drops

The Clinitas Multi Eye drops allow for relief from the sensations of dye eye, this includes common feelings of grittiness, burning, irritation and the feeling of something in your eye. The Clinitas Multi is a popular choice for contact lens wearers who also suffer from dry eye condition. We always recommend consulting your optometrist before treating dry eye at home.

Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel

The Clinitas Hydrate Eye Gel aims to boost and stabilise the tear film. The high concentration of sodium hyaluronate, which naturally occurs in the eye, provides long-lasting comfort and protection. This preservative free eye drop is an easy-to-use product, similar to the Eye drops with resealable droppers.

Thealoz Duo Dry Eye Drops

Thealoz Duo Dye Eye drops are perfect for moderate to severe dry eyes. With a combination of sodium hyaluronate and trehalose, these eye drops provide the perfect solution to comfort and soothe your eyes. The formulation has also been designed to be used with contact lenses, so this product is great for daily lens wearers. Trehalose works to protect the cells on the ocular surface of the eye, improving the resistance to the daily effects dry environments have on the eye.

Thealoz Duo Gel Eye Drops

The Thealoz Duo Gel provides all the hydrating, lubricating and protecting benefits of Thealoz Duo dry eye drops for dry eye disease, but in a single-dose gel formulation that increases residency time in the eye making it particularly suitable for night-time use. This is perfect those contact lens wearers who wish to hydrate and soothe the eyes after a long day of lens wear.

Hyabak Dry Eye Drops

Hyabak Dry Eye drops is a solution which has been designed to address the hyperosmolarity of the tear film found in chronic dry eye. These soothing drops will effectively reduce the symptoms, allowing comfort and long-lasting relief. This treatment is suitable for those patients who have moderate to severe levels of dry eye.

Blephaclean Duo

Blephaclean wipes have been designed to be used as an effective method of treating the symptoms of blepharitis. This is more commonly known as eyelid inflammation and is typically associated with dry eye disease. These wipes will help to reduce these symptoms within a month. Those who use the Blephaclean wipes for the recommended amount of time notice less crusting around the eye, redness reduced, and eyelids no longer being stuck together in the mornings.

Blephasol Duo

The Blephasol Duo solution works to gently cleanse the eyelids and eyelashed, helping to reduce the symptoms of blepharitis, much like the Blephaclean wipes. This aqueous solution is gentle on the eyes and is free from soap, perfumes, parabens, and alcohol. Whilst effectively relieving symptoms it can also remove debris, impurities and even make-up!

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