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Ear Wax Removal London

Specialists In Ear Microsuction

If you are suffering from a blocked ear, our specialist trained Audiologists will be able to remove any ear wax or blockages by Microsuction, which is regarded as being both the safest and most effective method of ear wax removal from the ear canal.

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Why Micosuction?

Microsuction is seen as the gold standard of ear wax removal due to it being the safest, quickest and most effective treatment for blocked ears. The treatment is very comfortable and due to the nature of the microsuction procedure, ear wax can be removed irrespective of whether it is soft or hard. This differs from other methods commonly used such as irrigation ear wax removal where the wax has to be treated prior to the appointment to encourage a softer consistency

Fully Qualified Audiologists

All audiology procedures are carried out by fully qualified Audiologists, who have carried our specialist further training in microsuction ear wax removal. Furthermore, they are all Members of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists. All our clinical team are also Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers with the Health & Care Professional Council.

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How it works

Home visits are available upon request. Please contact us for further details.

Step 1

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Simply click the ‘Request An Appointment’ Button below and fill out the contact form or call 020 7383 3838 to see an Audiologist.

Step 2

See Your Audiologist

Your audiologist will gently clean and remove any ear wax using microsuction.

Step 3

FREE Follow Ups

In most cases, we can remove 100% of the ear wax from your ears in one go. However, in some cases, you may need an additional ear cleaning visit, free of charge, to remove the additional ear wax.


Microsuction Ear Wax Removal Prices

Special Offer: 1 or 2 ears for £65!

Children (Under 16)
Special Offer: Both ears for £105

If no wax is found, there will be a £30 charge for the consultation.

All appointments are carried out by fully qualified healthcare professionals, who have carried out specialist training in Micro-Suction ear wax removal.

Home Visits
Home ear wax removal appointments start from £135. Please contact us for further information.

Appointment Details


Step 1 – Medical History – Your audiologist will take your medical history and ask questions related to your ears.

Step 2 – Pre Examination of the ears – We will examine your ears using specialist equipment and advise if there is any wax in the ears.

Step 3 – Explanation – We will explain the microsuction ear wax removal procedure and what you should expect.

Step 4 – Microsuction– The procedure will last around 10 to 15 minutes. If the ear wax is really impacted or difficult to remove we will invite you back for a free follow up appointment.

Step 5 – Post Examination of the ears – Once the ear wax is successfully removed we will proceed to examine and check the health of your ears.

Step 6 – Free Follow Up– If the ear wax cannot be removed during your first appointment we will arrange a free follow up. Ear drops might be advised during this time to soften the ear wax.

Microsuction Preparation.

If you are not booking a same-day appointment, it is generally advisable to use olive oil drops or a spray such as Earol, for 2-3 days prior to the appointment. This will help ensure that your ear wax is sufficiently softened to enable successful and comfortable removal on the day of the appointment.

If you have been advised not to get your ears wet or if you have had Microsuction before and have been advised not to use drops as the wax is usually sufficiently soft, then please follow this advice.

The use of cotton buds is not recommended. Cotton buds, or any object inserted into the ear, will generally push wax further down the ear canal, sometimes as far as the eardrum, which will result in you feeling even more blocked.

Book Your Ortho K Consultation Today - Call 0207 794 4477

COVID Precautions:

1) Our Audiology clinic follows strict hygiene safety protocols.

2) The audiology room is sanitised before and after each patient.

3) Our audiologists wear appropriate PPE during the appointment, including face masks, gloves and aprons.

4) You will be required to wear a face mask in communal areas and during the appointment. If you do not have a face mask you will be provided with one.

5) Once you enter the room you will be asked to sanitise your hands, if you have not done so already.

6) The instruments used during the treatment are single-use and sterile.

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Our story began over 30 years ago when the doors of Camden Contact Lens Centre first opened in 1985. Situated in the heart of North-West London, Camden Contact Lens Centre quickly earnt a reputation as an independent optician dedicated to providing professional advice and unparalleled eye care solutions to patients across the world.

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Why our customers love us?

Karen Brown

Karen Brown

Truly the best in London. They have maintained a consistently excellent level of customer service over their many years of looking after my eyes! Always going that extra mile to create a wonderful experience. Highly

2 years ago
Rosie C

Rosie C

Absolutely fantastic, utterly professional yet truly warm and friendly. I have visited the audiologists a few times, and I don't think there is a better place to go in London.

2 years ago
Christopher Swan

Christopher Swan

Highly recommend, Stephen was very knowledgeable about products. Wide range of frames and brands. I will buy again in future.

2 years ago
Cath Roopra

Cath Roopra

I’ve been going to this opticians for over 20 years (even though I’ve now moved out of London). Great staff who know their stuff. Would recommend

2 years ago
Wendy Collington

Wendy Collington

Absolutely Fabulous!@!@! I am not easily impressed and have visited this store upon a few occasions now. Each time we have visited we have received expert advice and information.

2 years ago


Bruno is a wizard! His knowledge is all embracing and he'll work incredibly hard to make sure he finds exactly the right lens that will work for you.

3 years ago
Shivam Agarwal

Shivam Agarwal

Great experience. Bruno told me what was wrong with the contacts I was wearing, he gave me a new lens after doing some tests..the best lens my eyes have touched

3 years ago
Susan Heslop

Susan Heslop

Cannot recommend this opticians enough. First class customer service and really professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff.

6 years ago