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Contact Lenses are a great compliment to spectacles that give you the freedom and confidence to see the world clearly. We have a highly experienced contact lens consultant who can fit you with a lens that suits your individual needs as a contact lens wearer.

A contact lens is a thin, curved lens placed on the surface of your eye. Contact lenses are naturally clear and help to correct refractive errors.

At Camden Opticians we fit lenses for astigmatism patients, daily, weekly, monthly, two weekly and gas permeable wearers for all ages including children. We also have a wide range of dry eye solutions and cosmetic coloured lenses. We specialise in multifocal lenses for those who require a reading and distant prescription.

One day wearers can benefit from purchasing their contact lenses directly from our stock and discounts are available for those who prefer to buy in bulk. We offer a Contact Lens Delivery Scheme with a direct debit option for those who prefer to spread out their payments.

At Camden Opticians we will fit you with only the best brands out on the market to give you great comfort, confidence in your lenses and excellent vision.

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Being one of the largest contact lens suppliers in London, we have access to all the major brands and are able to offer trial fittings of the latest designs as soon as they are available.

Book your contact lens appointment with one of our experienced Optometrists today, to get fitted for lenses that you will love.

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