Children’s Eyecare

Ensuring healthy vision in children is so important as they continue developing. If any problems are found in your children’s vision, treating them early can really make a difference. As it can be harder for children to tell you when something is wrong, it’s no surprise that around 20% of school-aged children have an undiagnosed vision problem. By making sure your child attends regular eye examinations, you can reduce this risk.

Many eye conditions don’t display any signs at all, but routine eye tests can pick up on the smallest changes in eye health. If you begin to notice your child has difficulty concentrating, or they sit too close to the TV, there’s a chance they might be experiencing problems with their sight.

Eye tests for children

In some cases, children will have their vision screened at school. However, it’s still important to take them for a full eye test at your local optician. Eye tests for children can pick up a range of problems including colour vision defects, poor development of 3D vision or any early need for glasses.

It’s recommended that your child attends a screening appointment at around the age of 4-5, although you may be able to take them earlier if you wish.

Looking after your children’s eyes

There are some things you can do to help promote healthy vision in your children. Make sure they spend plenty of time outdoors, but ensure they have protection from the sun with quality sunglasses or making sure they play in the shade.

It’s also important to follow a healthy, balanced diet, as eating the right foods can help to promote healthy eyes.

If your child does need to wear glasses, try to encourage them to wear them when necessary. It can help their vision to develop normally as they grow older, and there are many more frame designs to choose from to help them feel confident in their glasses. In some cases, your child might be suitable for contact lenses.

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