Common Eye Conditions

Common Eye Conditions

Taking care of your vision is very important. From a young child to an elderly adult, you need to make sure that you look after your eyes. This means attending regular eye examinations as well as letting the Camden Contact Lens Centre find the perfect spectacles for you if you need them.

When you visit us for an eye examination we are looking for a range of different tells that can help us to identify how healthy your eyes. Here at Camden Contact Lens Centre we can also look for common eye conditions which can help us, above all else find you the right lenses and frames for your glasses.

Here are just a few common eye conditions you might be identified as having

  • Hyperopia- Long Sighted

Long-sightedness is what affects people’s ability to view objects close up. This can be caused by a number of different factors such as your eyeball being too short, the cornea in your eye is not curved enough and the lens in your glasses not being thick enough. It can also occur because of factors such as age, medical conditions, diabetes and even genetics.

  • Myopia-Short Sighted

The opposite of a long-sighted eye, Myopia or short-sightedness causes distant objects to appear blurred but you might still be able to see close up objects very clearly. The causes of short-sightedness are when the eye’s structure reacts differently to light. With light not reaching the retina at the back of the eye, objects that are far away appear blurred.

  • Astigmatism

This is a very common problem and is caused by the cornea in your eye being misshapen. This can cause your vision to be blurred.

For more information on all of these conditions and how we can help you to deal with them, visit Camden Contact Lens Centre.