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After a consultation with one our Audiologists it may be determined a hearing aid would benefit you. Once we have discussed this, we will give you a demonstration of a pair of hearing aids. We will then programme a pair to your test results and prescription and give you some time to get used to your them within the practice, consulting room and on the high street.

We Carry a Range of Hearing Aids

We carry a large portfolio of hearing aids from manufacturers such as Phonak, Widex and Unitron. Supplying an extensive portfolio of products means we can meet all prescription, lifestyle, and budget requirements. Our Audiologists will discuss with you and your family member(s) your options to ensure you are provided the perfect pair of hearing aids to suit your needs. All our hearing aids come with a 60-day trial to ensure you are happy with them.

Benefits of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can offer numerous benefits to those who suffer with hearing difficulties and impairments. They can improve your daily routine and make life easier and less isolating, hearing aids can:

•Restore your ability to engage in conversation, by allowing you to hear speech more clearly!
• Gives you the confidence to approach conversations and discussions in environments you would normally struggle to do so.
• Makes life simple and easy again. You will be able to hear everyday sounds like the doorbell, alarms, and phone ringtones.
• Allows you to enjoy simple pleasures in life again such as, the TV, Music and Entertainment.
• Can make Tinnitus less noticeable.

It is important to note; the sooner you notice a gradual decrease in your ability to hear and consider hearing aids, the more beneficial they will be to your life.

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