Occupational Lenses

Our modern lifestyles have changed the way we use our eyes, with many of us spending hours focusing on a computer or phone screen. If this sounds like you, there are lenses available to protect your eyes from fatigue while also offering a prescription for short or long sightedness. After only 20 minutes of focus on objects nearby, our visual ability weakens, and we can experience eyestrain as a result of this.

Eyestrain can lead to issues such as headaches, blurriness, and neck pains. If you are spending hours per day using digital screens and devices, your vision has likely been impacted by this.

See Comfortably with Occupational Lenses

Eyezen lenses have been designed and manufactured by Essilor to help create comfortable vision all day. The lenses have been specially optimised for digital screens, so they are an ideal choice for anyone who uses computers or other similar devices for prolonged periods of time.

Reduce and prevent eye strain with these smart, modern lenses, perfect for use within the office and at home!




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