Bespoke Lenses

Our modern lifestyles and behaviours mean that our lenses must change in order to keep up with us. The way we look at things have changed, spending more time in front of phones and laptops, with new postures that older lenses aren’t necessarily equipped to deal with. Bespoke lenses from Camden Opticians allow you to experience natural vision that is perfectly tailored to your individual behaviours and visual needs.

At Camden Opticians we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure our lenses are bespoke to each patient. The Visioffice, created by leading optics manufacturer Essilor, measures physiological and behavioural parameters to create an accurate and personalised prescription. This means we are able to dispense high quality lenses that adjust to your lifestyle.

Our bespoke lenses include Varilux x4d varifocal lenses, which are designed to help reduce head movement to find the sweet spot on the lens. Making sure your vision is sharp and natural, Camden Opticians combines technology like the Visioffice with quality lenses to give you the best possible vision from the moment you put your lenses on.

We also offer bespoke single vision lenses, using Eyecode technology from Essilor. Eyecode lenses use 3D measurements to ensure they are completely tailored to each individual. Single vision lenses measured with Visioffice can also take into account the frame style and behaviour factors.

We have the ability to modify your bespoke lenses depending on your near vision behaviour, shape of your eye and even the frames you want to wear. Get in touch toady to ask us more about our bespoke lenses.

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