VISIOFFICE X – The Future Of Eye Care Is Now

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Unique Prescriptions For Unique Eyes

Every eye is different so why should your prescriptions be the same? Being an Essilor Bespoke practice Camden Opticians is proud to be one of a very select group to offer the Visioffice X technology.

What Is Visioffice X?

Visioffice X offers a complete in-store measuring solution that combines fitting, physiological and behavioural measures to build a complete vision diagnostic for patients. Using its state of the art technology it measures up to 11 different measurements for each eye in addition to your prescription…a traditional lens would only consider 2.

The Visioffice has three personalisation measurements for greater accuracy and personalisation:

Eyecode™ Technology

Everyone has an Eye Rotation Centre, which indicates how the eye rotates around a fixed point near the middle of the eye. This can differ by as much as 30% which makes a significant difference when looking through a lens but current lenses are manufactured on the assumption that everyone has the same. Visioffice X carries out 3D dynamic measurements which can pinpoint the exact Eye Rotation Centre for each patient.

Near Vision Behaviour:

Everyone’s near vision behaviour is very different which is why it’s important to include this into your prescription. The Visioffice X near vision behaviour measurement is calculated by analysing your posture and head movements while you look at something close up. This looks at eye declination, your offset, your visual spread and your head movement during a pseudo-reading screen test.

For anyone who needs varifocal lenses, these measurements will provide optimal visual comfort and quick adaptation.

H3D Analysis

The H3D measurement analyses your natural posture in far vision to ensure better comfort. Using the Visioffice X special frames with markers placed in key areas, we can gather a statistical analysis of the patient’s natural posture, ensuring a comfortable and natural fit. This measurement is so precise that it can measure to one-tenth of a millimetre and one-tenth of a degree.

The Visioffice X technology can take all of these measurements using its facial recognition and 3 HD cameras meaning we can measure you without actual physical contact. However rest assured that even though this process is automated with some interaction by the patient, there will be an expert optician with you at all times to guide you through the process and answer any questions if needed.

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