Looking After Your Contact Lenses

Contacts lenses are a great alternative to glasses, to suits the needs of anyone with a busy or active lifestyle. Knowing how to properly look after your contact lenses is essential to keeping them clean and fresh for the next wear.

How to Clean Contact Lenses

If you wear daily contact lenses, you don’t need to worry about cleaning or storage because they are single-use, and should never be stored or reused.
Before cleaning contact lenses, wash and dry your hands to minimise the risk of contamination and avoid using any hand cream.
To clean a reusable contact lens, place it in the palm of your hand and wet it with some disinfectant solution before gently rubbing it back and forth with your fingers. Once you have done this for both lenses, fill the storage case with fresh solution and leave them to soak. How long you leave them to soak will depend on the type of solution that you are using, so remember the check the instructions and follow your optometrist’s guidance.
It’s a common misconception that saline solution can be used to clean and store contact lenses, but it’s not an effective disinfectant and should only be used to rinse or rehydrate the lens. Contact lenses should never be cleaned with water because even purified water carries contaminants that can lead to an eye infection.

How to Store Contact Lenses

Storing reusable lens correctly is essential to keep them free of impurities. It’s easy to look after your contact lenses by following your optometrist’s guidance and the instructions that come with your contact lens and cleaning solution.
Once they have been disinfected, lenses should always be stored in a clean case with fresh solution. If you don’t wear your contact lenses every day, you can store them for up to 30 days in an unopened case before they will need to be re-disinfected. Remember to replace your lens case every 3 months and to never leave it open.

General Tips

  • Make sure you don’t use your nails to handle the contact lens because this can cause damage and contaminate the surface
  • Always rinse your lenses with solution if you drop them
  • Put on your contact lenses before applying makeup
  • Never wear your contact lenses for longer than recommended
  • Remove your contact lenses before showering to avoid contaminating them with water

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