Here at Camden Contact Lens Center we pride ourselves on providing not only great glasses and sunglasses for every prescription lens, but also the right accessories to help you take care of them too. Our qualified, dedicated and caring opticians can take the time to discuss after care for your glasses and answer any questions you may have.

Our range of accessories include everything from cases and protectors to the world-famous lens cleaner, GLASKLAR.

This German brand is a gentle, natural cleaner for a whole range of spectacles. GLASKLAR uses nature as its inspiration to help create a solution that can wipe away any grime and dirt instantly. This makes it perfect for glasses that are worn every day or even just worn once in a while.

Keep them in perfect condition to ensure your glasses last longer and can give you that perfect vision you have been looking for. Reducing scratches on your lenses using this solution will also reduce the problems that may affect your vision when trying to focus on something with scratches on your lenses.

No more rubbing at your lens’ trying to remove smudges and marks. No more struggling to look through dirty glass lens’, Camden Contact Lens Center are here to help.

Our Camden Town Opticians offers free refills with every purchase of GLASKLAR from Camden Contact Lens Center.

Browse our accessories below and find out more about how GLASKLAR can keep your glasses looking as good new with Camden Contact Lens Center help.