Benefits of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction sounds far scarier than it actually is. It’s a routine ear wax removal procedure used to safely remove the build-up of wax which can lead to blockage, hearing issues, and pain or discomfort. Here at Camden Contact Lens Centre , microsuction ear wax removal procedures are always carried out by a trained audiologist to ensure the best results, and that the treatment will be safe and effective. All of our audiologists have specialist training in microsuction ear wax removal and are members of the British Society of Hearing Aid Audiologists.  

One of the main benefits of microsuction ear wax removal is that unlike other procedures in which ear wax is flushed out of the ear with no visual aids to guide the person carrying out the procedure, microsuction procedures use a microscope to give a clear image of where the wax needs to be removed from. By using a microscope, the audiologist can ensure that they have a clear view of the ear canal and what they are doing, making the procedure an incredibly safe one. Although patients can often find the noise of the low-pressure suction device jarring, this is the only aspect of the procedure that could be deemed uncomfortable as there is no unpleasant sensation or irritation associated with microsuction.

Instant Results

Unlike softening ear drops that can be used to dislodge a build-up of ear wax, the results of a microsuction treatment are instantaneous and you will notice a difference once the procedure is over. The appointment itself only takes 30 minutes so can easily be scheduled in over a lunch break and only a small minority of cases require a follow-up visit. This also means that if a build-up of ear wax has caused you any hearing issues, you should be able to hear the difference immediately following your appointment.    

No Mess

In contrast to ear irrigation, microsuction ear wax removal has no mess associated with it. By eliminating the need for fluids, drops, and gels, the entire process becomes cleaner and more hygienic. This also means that microsuction ear wax removal does not have the same risk of infection associated with other methods of ear wax removal because it is considered a ‘dry’ procedure as no liquids are used in the process.  

Safe to Use on Perforated Eardrums

Because microsuction ear wax removal eliminates the need to introduce liquids into the ear, the procedure is much safer for anyone to undergo, including individuals with perforated eardrums or pre-existing hearing conditions. Because the audiologist can see exactly what they’re doing thanks to the use of a microscope, they can carefully navigate any issues that would cause you discomfort or aggravate any pre-existing conditions.   

No Preparation Required

Because microsuction is highly effective at removing both soft and hard impacted ear wax, there is no need to prepare for your appointment by using softening ear drop or taking any other preparatory measures. You simply arrive at your appointment and have the procedure after a short examination. For more information or to book your microsuction ear wax removal appointment, email us at or call us on 0207 383 3838.