Are You Stuck For Eye-deas This Mother’s Day? We Have The Eye-deal Gift!

Are you stuck on ideas for Mother’s day? Do you want to treat her to something other than some nice chocolate or a bunch of flowers? Busy mothers often forget to take care of themselves…when was the last time your mum had an eye test?

Regular eye tests are very important and should be considered as part of your and your mum’s health routine. Our advanced eye tests not only check to make sure your eyes are in good working order but they can also detect other non-eye-related diseases such as brain tumours, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis and many more. With the majority of these early detection is key to starting treatment early and staying healthy.

Signs That Your Mum May Need An Eye Test

If your mum is showing or mentions any of the following common signs of vision loss a trip to the opticians is highly recommended:

Double Vision

Often mistaken for blurry vision, double vision is when you are looking at a single object but end up seeing two.

Squinting To See Things Clearly

Just like when people hold things at a distance to try and focus, squinting of the eyes is also another common sign that someone is having problems with their vision.

Difficulty Seeing Background Objects Or Things At A Distance

As a general rule your mum should be able to focus on an object at 20ft away. Even if she can see things sharp and clear close by, having blurry vision at a distance can be a sign that she may need glasses.

Blurry Or Distorted Vision

Sometimes blurry or distorted vision can be caused by eye fatigue but if this problem continues then it’s more than likely that their vision has deteriorated. Any sudden changes in vision should be checked by an optician.

Holding Things At A Distance When Reading

If your mum is constantly holding her phone, letters or her newspaper at a distance this is a clear sign that she is having trouble focusing on the smaller print.

Headaches Or Eye Strain

With modern jobs often involving some sort of display/screen more and more people are struggling with eye strain and headaches. Usually implementing some simple changes such as taking a quick break from your screen every now and again and also turning on blue light filters can help greatly. However, if these problems persist and your mum is regularly complaining of headaches or eye pain then it would be a good idea to get an eye test to make sure her vision is in good working order.

Book Your Mum An Eye Test Today

If you are concerned about your mum’s vision or if it has been longer than a couple of years since she last had an eye exam, get in contact with our friendly team today. If your mum is over the age of 60 you can book a free NHS eye test.