After having your eyes examined, choosing your perfect pair of designer sunglasses and having your prescription lenses fitted, it is time for you to think about after care. This means those must have sunglasses accessories such as cases, cleaning sloths and GLASKAR solution.

The GLASKAR solution available here at Camden Opticians provides a naturally mild and gentle sunglasses cleaner. Perfect for removing smudges, marks and dirt from your lenses, the GLASKAR solution is available with a lifetime of refills from Camden Opticians.

Cleaning your sunglasses properly with GLASKAR will prevent the lenses from being scratched. This will not only keep your sunglasses looking as good as new but reduce the imperceptible problems with focusing when you have scratches on your lenses.

No matter whether you wear your sunglasses all day every day or just once a year, making sure they are in tip top condition is a necessity. You want to be able to enjoy the sunny weather, focus on things in front of you and wear sunglasses that look as good as knew. You can do all this with the help of GLASKAR.

For more information on all of our sunglasses accessories available at Camden Opticians, do not hesitate to contact us.