Health Tips

Health Tips

Maintaining a healthy life is not only about keeping your body fit, your mind happy and your thoughts positive, it is about looking after your vision as well.

Here at Camden Contact Lens Centre we understand that with hectic lifestyles and busy schedules there might never be time to think about your eye health. However, with these simple health tips we can work on taking better care of our eyes:

Combating The Strain On Your Eyes From Computers

Spending the majority of your day looking at a computer monitor or a laptop screen can cause extreme strain and lots of discomfort for your eyes. To combat this you should take regular breaks, focus on objects away from the computer screen, make sure the brightness of the screen matches your surroundings and finally book in for an eye examination.

Eye examinations our opticians in London can provide you with comfortable vision and will check the health of your eyes as well as recommending the right lenses and frames for your glasses.

Lead A Healthier Life

Not only can smoking cause cancer and a range of other health issues but it can also affect your vision. This means in order to improve your eye health you should think about giving up smoking.

Another factor that can affect your eye health is your diet. With diabetes being a cause of blindness and ill eye health you should make sure to eat a balanced diet including a range of fruits and vegetables which can be great for taking care of your eyes.

Protect Your Eyes From The Sun

Even on a cloudy or overcast day it is important to protect your eyes from UV rays. If you always wear sunglasses or glasses then it is important that you wear prescription sunglasses in the sun. This will keep your eyes safe from UV rays and over exposure to sunlight.

If you are buying a pair of sunglasses that are not prescription then make sure to look for sunglasses that are close fitting and have lenses which are brown, green, amber or grey. This will keep as much sunlight out as possible.

Most Importantly – Have Regular Eye Examinations

No matter whether you are an elderly adult, a pregnant lady or a young child, having an eye examination every two years will allow you to have great vision and fantastic eye health.

Visit Camden Contact Lens Centre to find out more about all of our health tips and our eye examinations.